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"I think there's a good chance," he answered.With lunch complete, Chris and I began to clean up the grill area and the ladies headed down to the galley to clear their portion of the lunch mess and promised to return with a few more drinks and dessert. It had been nearly thirty minutes an Lynn and Melissa had not returned. Chris and I had finished our clean up duties and decided to enjoy the afternoon sun and were now relaxing in just our surf shorts. A few minutes after Chris and I had sat down on the lounge area of the deck, the two ladies came up from below. Lynn and Melissa were carrying drinks as they promised but there was no “dessert”. Chris and I noticed that both ladies were wearing a towel skirt around their waist covering their bikini bottoms… that seemed to be a wet towel on the day’s sights. After the drinks were handed out, Chris asked where the dessert was. The two ladies smiled and began to remove that terry towel skirt revealing that they had exchanged bikini bottoms while below. OMG!!!! The thoughts of what might be happening began to race through my mind. Lynn sat with me and Melissa joined Chris. It appeared that these two lovely and sexy ladies were the “dessert”. I was getting hard thinking about what could be happening soon and definitely what would be happening later that night."What are you doing?" I asked as Cassidy pulled her jeans and underwear together over the swell of her hips and down her smooth thighs."Is something wrong?" Kurt asked with concern.

"I don't know about this, John," Tom said. "I've never had an audience before.""I better check, anyway." He announced.John saw him shoot his tongue deep insides of her as she came, slurping at the juices that were flowing, drinking her up and finally Kelly stopped trembling with orgasm and Mr. Henderson lapped up all the juices that were there, lifting his head slowly, pussy juice smeared all over his face, a big smile covering it."I love your cock," she told him, again dropping down to her knees to gently suck on him. "If you can get it hard again, do we have time for one more fuck?" she asked.
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